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Pics of the lovely Miss Sarah Maloney and her man (or soon to be husband) Chris Kaufman.

Both Sarah + Chris’ parents homes back onto to Lake Erie so we were fortunate enough to have obvious choices for our locations. Although we were totally under attack by mosquitoes it was a great night… We had beautiful light and we were graced by the presence of one of our local bald eagles.

Loving these images!



Meet Stephanie + Tim…

Stephanie is from here in Port Colborne and Tim’s Family lives and works in Vaugh.

Their family runs an onion and celery farm and this was the backdrop for our photos along with a local conservation area.

It was a nice treat getting to shoot in a totally different setting and I had lots of fun!

Thanks so much Steph and Tim for coming up with the idea of shooting here !!

Enjoy everyone!

My cousin and his lovely lady he will be marrying this October…

Oh, and lets not forget their dogs Roxy and Fang :)